Visible & Vocal

The Canadian BIPOC Advertising & Marketing Study

POCAM (People of Colour in Advertising & Marketing) is pleased to present the 2nd Annual Visible & Vocal study, the only industry study that focuses on the profile, perspectives, and experiences of Canadian BIPOC advertising and marketing professionals.

Moderated by POCAM co-founder Julian Franklin, and led by data scientist Chasson Gracie alongside POCAM Steering Committee member Chino Nnadi, this 1-hour report will highlight outstanding takeaways from the comprehensive survey.

The year 2021 was another year of racial, and social unrest that impacted the lives of Canadian BIPOC professionals in the industry. Register for this POCAM event, to hear BIPOC experiences, gathered in a study authored by BIPOC professionals and walk with us as we examine what actions are needed to advance and recognize BIPOC contributions in 2022. Because sometimes, being seen begins with being heard.

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